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Academic Support teacher working with student

Academic Support classes are designed to provide students with a structured, closely monitored learning environment in which they can develop the motivational, organizational and academic skills needed to succeed in the classroom.

teacher working with student in computer science class

Business/Technology courses promote abilities and behaviors that build the character and leadership necessary to succeed in school, in life, and in the workplace.

english teacher in class working with students

English courses will prepare students to research, assess evidence, and provide analysis at both the text and universal levels in order to explore truth through varied lenses.

students in french class

We focus on all four modes of communication -- listening, speaking, reading and writing – in a program designed to teach students the basic vocabulary and language structures that will enable them to communicate in other countries and to interact positively with other cultures in French, Spanish and German.

Math teacher in front of class

We strive to develop creative problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork, discipline and organization which serve as a solid foundation for college mathematics and adult life.  

singers in choir class performing

We provide an extensive framework of Arts opportunities for students to discover and enhance their talents in drama, visual arts and music.

Student and teacher in Strength training class PE

The courses are structured to include information about current recommendations for healthy fitness, wellness and Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social and Spiritual health.

Science teacher working with students

All science classes taught at BBHS are laboratory based, emphasizing the skills and processes used by scientists to characterize the world around us

Teacher working with student

Social Studies illustrate the social forces beyond the immediate environments of our students' lives that can shape their communities.

Theology teacher in class

Honoring the diversity of our student body, the theology department aims to develop a mature understanding of faith by encouraging students to grapple with their individual beliefs and morals in order to equip them to face the relevant questions and challenges of their lives.

Students in class